I did some final shopping today and I picked up Ryan’s stocking today from having the patches sewn on.  Cute doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Well, he, nor any other soldier would describe it as cute, but every wife I’ve shown it to loves it.  He better too or I’ll kick his heiney.  😉

The patches are the units he’s been in (3rd ID and 470th MI Brigade) and I plan on adding more as he moves through the Army, the gold bar is his current rank (2LT) which I plan on changing out every time he gets promoted.  The two gold insignias on either sides of his name are his branch insignia.  Pretty neato huh?  I’m proud of it.  I thought it up and designed it myself.  I may make one for my brother but his will be harder because he’s been in FOREVER (he’s a Captain, about to make Major and enlisted when he was 17!).  Mine and Aidan’s are still at the monogrammer’s.  I pick them up tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll show them to y’all tomorrow when I get them.  I forgot that my mom has one for Aidan already (it says “Dear Santa, I can explain” and she put a picture of Aidan and her horribly messy room) so she’ll have two…I’m sure she’ll get enough stuff for 2!

. . . .

Christmas To Do List (Revised Version)

Make Camden & Everett’s bags (Hot Wheels bought)

Buy iTunes card for Abigail

Get Alabama fabric for Mrs. Stokes’ stocking

Make stockings for Aidan’s teachers (4)

Make stocking for Ryan, Me & Aidan

Finish stockings for Aidan’s class (15)

Mail Melynn & Kaelyn’s gifts

Mail Momoh’s gift

Make gift for Aidan’s speech teacher (Aidan won’t be having Speech this week)

Finish t-shirts for Aidan (Lets get real…maybe for her birthday)

Make Kaelyn’s pajamas (I spoke to Kaelyn’s mama…she said to get her an Old Navy gift card instead. Woo hoo!)

Finish rice therapy bags (7)

Finish jewelry bags (4)

Burn Ruth Ann’s CD

Finish Aidan’s nightgown

Make, bag & tag pecan pralines treats for teachers & staff at school (Too humid to make candy!)

Box everything up and mark recipients

. . . .

I originally planned on making pecan pralines for all the teachers and staff at my school.  I work at a fairly small school so this isn’t as nuts as it sounds (ha, no pun intended).  When I made this plan, it was cool and dry in West Central Georgia, perfect candy-making weather.  It can’t be humid when making candy, especially pralines, because they get sticky and won’t set up.  I was especially excited about making these pralines because Nana, Ryan’s grandmother, who makes THE greatest pralines ever in the history of praline-making, FINALLY gave me the recipe.  This is quite a big deal because Nana does not just hand out family recipes.  You have to be IN the family to get one.  I guess I finally earned my place because she gave me the recipe and told me how she did it.  And now it’s muggy and rainy and wet and gross outside and supposed to be all week.  So I can’t make pralines.  Durn it.  I’m thinking I might make those chocolate dipped peanut butter cracker sandwiches.  They’re really good.  Will chocolate set up in humidity?  It is wet here, like 100% humidity.  Any thoughts?  I need something I can make for about 25 people.

I think I might make it y’all…it helps to be realistic.  😉