Here are a few finished objects.  I can’t show you some of them…their moms read my blog.  🙂

Bags for Aidan’s cousins.  I made these from an ACU top that I bought at a surplus store for cheap ($5!) and authentic Army name tapes that I got where the soldiers get their name tapes.  When Ryan and Aidan and I went to dinner with the boys and their parents over the Thanksgiving holidays, their poor mama was carting all of their stuff around (toys included) in her purse.  I figure the boys (and their mama) might like soldier bags to carry their toys or crayons in.  The great thing about this fabric is, its ripstop.  If it snags or a toy rips it, it won’t tear.  Very tactical…for soldiers and toddlers!

These Bama stockings are for Aidan’s beloved teacher, Mrs. Stokes.  Oh my goodness, if Mrs. Stokes isn’t at school we just don’t have a good day.  Mrs. Stokes and her husband are Big Ol’ Bama fans (she even got Aidan saying “Roll Tide!”…that’s cool, we had Bear Bryant before they did!)  I didn’t originally plan on making 2 stockings but I didn’t cut the back out right…I inadvertently cut out 2 fronts, SO, I wound up with 2 stockings.  Oh well.  Aidan met Mr. Stokes at the PX once and instantly took to him and Mrs. Stokes told me he asks about her all the time…she said she has to remind him he has grandkids of his own.  😉

These Christmas patchwork stockings are for Aidans 3 other teachers (oh shoot that reminds me I need to do a gift for her speech teacher…crud).  I found this already made patchwork fabric at Hancock’s (I swear I was there EVERYDAY last week and everyday when I left I said it was my last trip in there and somehow it never was).  I originally planned on making a twirly skirt for Aidan but when I realized I needed to do gifts for Aidan’s teachers I decided this was the best fabric to make stockings out of.  Dang I wish I had some more to make one more out of for her speech teacher!

Ok, these aren’t gifts, these are mine & Ryan’s stockings.  I’m going to put a nametape on Ryan’s and probably rank.  His is made from another one of the ACU shirts I bought at the surplus store and lined in black.  Mine is Lotus by Amy Butler and is lined in pink.  I’ll probably have my name monogrammed on.  I’m still trying to figure out what fabric to use for Aidan’s.  I don’t want anything too babyish or trendy because I’d like to be able to use these for a while, I also REALLY don’t want to have to go back out to any fabric stores…I just want to sew and be done.  I do need to get some stocking stuffers for her still…yay.

. . . .

Christmas To Do List

Make Camden & Everett’s bags

Burn CDs for Abigail & Ruth Ann

Get Alabama fabric for Mrs. Stokes’ stocking

Make stockings for Aidan’s teachers (4)

Make stocking for Ryan, Me & Aidan

Finish stockings for Aidan’s class (15)

Mail Melynn & Kaelyn’s gifts (Mom will be visiting Melynn & Kaelyn right after Christmas & can take them their gifts)

Mail Momoh’s gift (I just found out that my mom is going to be seeing my grandmother right after Christmas…SCORE!)

Finish rice therapy bags (7)

Finish jewelry bags (4)

Make Kaelyn’s pajamas

Finish Aidan’s nightgown

Make gift for Aidan’s speech teacher

Finish t-shirts for Aidan

Make, bag & tag pecan pralines for teachers & staff at school

. . . .

Is it me or is this bleedin’ list getting longer?

Oh yeah…I found a new (to me) sewing machine today when I was driving home from church.  It’s still in my car.  It’s an older Kenmore…like from back when everything was made of metal.  It weighed a freakin’ ton when I picked it up to put it in my car.  I have no idea if it even works…it was out for the Post Freecycle.  Even if it doesn’t, I’m not really out anything!