Now I have a clean and organized sewing area (woot!) AND I found my twill tape (it wasn’t the twill tape I thought I had but it works) so  I could finish the bags for the boys.  Marking things off my list makes me feel good.  🙂

Christmas To Do List

Finish rice therapy bags (7)

Finish jewelry bags (4)

Make Kaelyn’s pajamas

Make Camden & Everett’s bags

Finish Aidan’s nightgown

Burn CDs for Abigail & Ruth Ann

Finish stockings for Aidan’s class (15)

Get Alabama fabric for Mrs. Stokes’ stocking

Make stockings for Aidan’s teachers (4)

Finish t-shirts for Aidan

Mail Melynn & Kaelyn’s gifts

Mail Momoh’s gift

Make stocking for Ryan, Aidan & Me (Ryan’s is cut out, my fabric is selected from my stash)

Make, bag & tag pecan pralines for teachers & staff at school