I was trucking along, doing well.  I got the four stockings done for Aidan’s teachers, I got Ryan’s stocking cut out and the bags for Camden & Everett cut out and started.  I started searching for some twill tape I know I have, for drawstrings for those bags and somehow it evolved into reorganizing my sewing area.  I’m having college finals flashbacks.  I always had THE cleanest dorm room during finals because inevitably a search for something during studying would evolve into cleaning and organizing.

Oh yeah and the thing I knew I forgot from my last post?

Pecan pralines for all the teachers at my school (I did luck out and finally get Nana’s family recipe for them!).  Clearly  I’m a glutton for punishment and want to attempt candy-making for the first time in my life when I have scads of other things to do too.

. . . .

Christmas To Do List

Finish rice therapy bags (7)

Finish jewelry bags (4)

Make Kaelyn’s pajamas

Make Camden & Everett’s bags (Started but not finished, hopefully will finish by tonight)

Finish Aidan’s nightgown

Burn CDs for Abigail & Ruth Ann

Finish stockings for Aidan’s class (15)

Get Alabama fabric for Mrs. Stokes’ stocking

Make stockings for Aidan’s teachers (4)

Finish t-shirts for Aidan

Mail Melynn & Kaelyn’s gifts

Mail Momoh’s gift

Added 12/13: Make stocking for Ryan, Aidan & Me (Ryan’s is cut out, my fabric is selected from my stash)

Added 12/13: Make, bag & tag pecan pralines for teachers & staff at school

. . . .

Geez and there I was feeling like I got a lot done!  Keep on truckin’!