Y’all, I am starting to feel the crunch! Tomorrow is December 12, which means there are 12 days until Christmas Eve and only 10 days until we leave for Texas and I have way too MUCH to do. I need more time!  Either that or the ability to go a few days or a week without sleep.  Of course if I did that who knows what my sewing would look like.  I know what my writing looks like after a sleepless night…not good, not even straight, so sewing on no sleep is probably not such a hot idea.  😉

.  .  .  .  .

Christmas To Do List

Finish rice therapy bags (7)

Finish jewelry bags (4)

Make Kaelyn’s pajamas

Make Camden & Everett’s bags

Finish Aidan’s nightgown

Burn CDs for Abigail & Ruth Ann

Finish stockings for Aidan’s class (15)

Get Alabama fabric for Mrs. Stokes’ stocking

Make stockings for Aidan’s teachers (4)

Finish t-shirts for Aidan

Mail Melynn & Kaelyn’s gifts

Mail Momoh’s gift

I think I might be forgetting something…

.  .  .  .  .

Luckily Ryan has agreed to wrap the gifts, he does a fantastic job and it takes a lot of what I have to do off my plate.  I asked him if he’d do it if I brought all the stuff with me from Georgia and he agreed with no argument or convincing on my part.  Such a good hubby.  🙂  Now I just have to box up his prezzies so he doesn’t know what he’s getting.  🙂  When I was a kid, my mom had me wrap my own gifts every year.  She’d box everything up, I’d wrap it all and she’d put the labels on.  I’d always get so irritated when I saw that I wrapped my own presents.  You think I’d be better at wrapping presents but I think it’s my lack of spatial reasoning skills.  I can’t look at a box and estimate how much paper I need.  I either way under or over cut.  Ryan has an artists eye (draftsman’s eye?) and can just look at a box and know exactly how much paper to cut.  So, long story short, he’s wrapping the gifts.