I opened UrbanOutfitters.com to look for some cute outfits and apparently traveled back in time about 10-12 years to my college days (maybe I’m just too old for that store now).  Please do not tell me the early to mid ’90s “grunge look” is back in style again?  I guess the old adage is true, if you remember it the first time it was in style, you shouldn’t wear it the second time it’s in style (my mom told me that when the hippie look came back around in the 80s).

(Photos Deleted)

Granted, all of these tops are considerably more fitted than the sacks that we wore back in the day…dang those shirts were big…two or three of me could have fit in one of those shirts…they’re still ugly and I won’t wear them.  Bleah.  There’s cute tartan (which I love and would wear with no problem) but buffalo plaid ain’t it.