I have a few crafty questions for you crafty girlies that are still loyal enough to read this sad, sad little blog of mine…(resolution #1…pay more attention to the blog, she is lonely).

#1: I want to reverse applique a t-shirt for a 2-year old who will only wear knits.  I found an adorable cotton valance with some really cute animals and I want to cut that bad boy up!  😉  The thing is, the only tutorials I’ve found for reverse appliqueing a t-shirt have knit being appliqued to knit.  Anyone ever reverse appliqued non-stretchy woven to a cotton knit? Am I cruisin’ for a bruisin’?  Now I’m wondering if he’d even wear it if it’s got a woven cotton next to his skin…maybe I can either a) layer a long sleeved shirt underneath so we still get the hot reverse-applique look that’s in right now or b) save myself the trouble and just applique it regular.  Decisions, decisions.

#2:  Has anyone ever made anything with lavender essential oils?  I wanted to make sachets for all the women in mine and Ryan’s families (which is a DANG FREAKIN’ LOT of people!), but couldn’t find bulk lavender here in town and didn’t want to wait on delivery so I went to the natural foods store and got lavender essential oil and found a link on Sew Mama Sew with a tutorial on how to make Rice Therapy Bags.  I figured these would be nice…I used a “ghetto” version of something like this (rice in a sock) when I was pregnant with Aidan and it felt wonderful.  Anyway, my question is, is lavender oil something that’s ok to microwave?  Will it just intensify the fragrance?

That’s all for now.  My plan for today was to sew but have I done that yet?  Of course not.  Ugh.  The best laid plans, right?