We’re almost to Texas and I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself. It’s currently noon on Wednesday and we’re sitting in traffic on the east side of Lake Charles, LA, which is why I’m blogging instead of driving 80 mph down I-10 (I mean just under 70, Mr. Louisiana State Police Officer, sir!) Anywoo, I had this whole cute little post idea with a picture of the “Welcome to Texas” sign and the mile sign that tells how far it is to El Paso. BUT, at the rate we’re moving, we may as well just stay on till Christmas.

We had to bring both our vehicles on this trip. Someone believes it to be best for Ryan to report to Ft. Huachuca in early December (so early that he couldn’t come back to Georgia with us). After Thanksgiving with our families, Aidan & I will go I one way & he’ll go the other. Houston is almost equidistant between the two. His next school (in Okla-freakin-homa) doesn’t start until January 11 and get this mess, there’s another school, exactly like the one Ryan’s going to in January…AT OUR POST!!! What kind of crap is that? See here’s the thing that irritates me (ok, is irritating me at the moment, aside from this ridiculous traffic coming between me and my beloved homeland…but I digress) the Army signed a covenant with the families of all the soldiers, promising that it would do whatever it could do to make sure that soldiers & families get to spend max time together because of all the sacrifices we have been asked to make as a result of OIF & OEF and how long those wars have been going on & the long deployments. If Human Resources Command or HRC (probably the entity that cut these cockamamie orders) or the Army (who could change them and make them less cockamamie) gave even one eighths of rat’s patootie about the Army/Family Covenant:

Ryan’s Orders (The Sane Way)
Snowbird with old unit HERE in GA until January 10 (to snowbird: to be temporarily assigned to a unit while you wait for a school)
Attend BOLC II here in GA (see how this works?)
Travel to Ft. Huachuca Mar-Jun

To summarize, I’ve saved the Army money by not having to pay milage & per diem from GA to AZ to OK back to AZ. Saving the Army $ saves the taxpayers $ and shouldn’t that ultimately be the goal considering the the fiscal condition our nation is in? And, if they were to use my new & improved logical (even though Ryan says I’m not supposed to attempt to impart or apply any type of logic to the Army, they just go their own way & do their own thing) they’d be living up to their end of the covenant.

Traffic Update
It is now 1:30 on the dot, exactly an hour and a half has passed since I started this rambling monster of a post and guess what? We’re still not moving! Who chooses the busiest travel day OF THE ENTIRE FREAKING YEAR to do road work?? There’s not even a shoulder or side road to get onto to bypass this mess! Good thing we don’t have celebrate Thanksgiving until tomorrow or we’d be out of luck!
A mile or two back (which at this blinding pace means about 30 minutes ago) we were stopped by 3 or 4 construction workers. If we were moving a three-legged half-blind sloth with in-grown toenails would’ve been going faster than us. Anyway, hard at work, one guy yells at me to “quitcher dadburn textin’, gonna cause a dadburn wreck!” With who, that poor 3-legged sloth who should sue his nail salon? Shut up and do your freakin’ job! Or, better yet, GO HOME so this infernal traffic can clear out.
It has now been 2 hours. Wish I knew just how far we’ve gone. Probably 10-15 miles.

It’s now 1am, and we’re at my mom’s.  What is normally 5 hour wound up taking NINE hours.  Oh yeah and, I accidentally rear-ended the car in front of me…but not because of blogging!  I had actually put my phone away because I had already used up half my battery.  Aidan decided that being in her car seat was boring so she got out (she’s in a booster seat now and uses the car seat belt to buckle in so she has more control).  I turned around to chew her out and unplug her DVD player as punishment and when I turned back around, the car in front of me had already stopped.  Crunch! We were going all of about 2-3 mph.  But it still scared Aidan and me.  The guy in front of me gets out of his car and starts yelling at me, he was certain I was “texting”.  I kept telling him, that my daughter had gotten out of her carseat, and I was trying to get her back in but he didn’t care.  My whole body was turned around…I didn’t even have the peripheral vision that I would normally have if I were texting.  Sure, I should’ve stopped instead of continuing to roll but I didn’t think about it, I was worried about my 3 year old being out of her seat.

SOOO…we snarled traffic up even further while we waited on the Louisiana State Trooper and Aidan sat in the car crying because she thought the policeman was coming to get her.  An HOUR later, he shows up, gets our info, I tell him that I was turned around to get my kid back in her carseat and ran into the car…no excuses, it just flat out happened.  And then I asked him if he could give her a talking to for me about staying in her seat and wearing her seat belt.  So he has me bring her over.  He scared that kid straight, not mean, just stern and real.  He told her that little girls who don’t wear their seat belts can get hurt really real badly and all that other stuff…she was scared and a little embarrassed, I think.  She got right back in her booster seat and did not touch that seatbelt again.

To top it all off…the officer informs me that the highly efficient and astute state of GA has not yet updated my renewed tags in the system so they’re still showing expired.  I offered to show him all my new 2009 stuff but he was generous and took my word for it.  I got a ticket for following too closely and I’m sure my car insurance premiums will go up as well.  Ugh.  The officer also said that the traffic snarl-up was because of a wreck that happened at 5am.  The slowness was just a lingering effect.

Lets just say, I’m leaning towards flying home for Christmas.  This whole driving cross-country thing is for the birds!