So, I’m pretty much done Christmas shopping.  Can I get a woot woot?  😉  I ADORE online shopping (not surprising).

Here’s Aidan’s haul (since that’s pretty much all I can list here):

Sweet Pea MP3 Player for Kids.  Ryan and I get a tad (read: WAY) sick of being Aidan’s personal DJ in the car.  Don’t get me wrong, I dig Laurie Berkner.  She’s awesome and way better than the other dreck that’s out there masquerading as children’s music.  But, it does get tiresome after a while and I do get tired of showing up at work singing “Doodlebugs” or “Fruit Salad Salsa.”  So, she’s getting an MP3 player and headphones so she can listen to her own music and we can listen to ours and never the twain shall meet.

Aggie jersey.  Yup, we’ve had a crappy season this year, but once an Aggie, always an Aggie.  My brother and sister in law got my niece one last year so I’ve had a bug in my bonnet ever since to get Aidan one.  I bought it a tad big (size 6) so maybe by the time she grows into it, we’ll be Big 12 contenders (hey, a girl can wish!)  😉

Books, books, books.  We always get Aidan lots of books.  This year being librarian at my school helped a lot since I was in charge of the book fair.

Finally, a beautiful dolly-baby that I’ve been holding onto for a while.  I think she’s going to love her.  She’s the nicest doll she’s ever had.

I also plan on making her a nightgown for Christmas eve (pink flannel Hello Kitty Christmas fabric), and some other clothes.

For family we’re doing photos and for everyone else…sorry, it’s a surprise!