Thursday Ryan graduated from Army Officer Candidate School. I couldn’t have been prouder. Here are some pictures from the day.  (VERY picture heavy post!)

Hurry up and wait.  That’s the Army way.

AKA, “Alpha-traz”

My soon-to-be, new LT.

“I, state your name…”

There they are…all sworn in, a new class of LTs, just no rank yet, that comes later.

Grandmommy & Aidan on their way into Daddy’s graduation ceremony (aren’t they cute and coordinated?)

Mommy and her little twin

There goes Daddy, walking across the stage!

Getting his diploma from the LTC guest speaker.

Shaking the CSM’s hand.

On his way back to his seat, Aidan kept calling out, “That’s my daddy!  That’s my daddy!”  SO CUTE!

Aidan, the new LT and his Uncle Larry

Ryan being sworn in by his mentor, his boss from Iraq

It meant a lot to them both, to Ryan that the LTC could make it and swear him in and to the LTC that Ryan asked him to swear him in.

Aww shucks…

My proudest moment!

Pinning those butter bars on!

The best anniversary present I could ever get!

Happy family (and the LTC)

One of Ryan’s first salutes from his friend from 3d HBCT, SPC Lake.  He gave up his lunch break to come see Ryan commission.

In front of the Colorado flag, where his mother and brother and sister live

In front of the Texas flag…they wouldn’t let him be sworn in in front of it, darn the Army…don’t they know Native Texans love their state? 😉