So sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. It has been sheer chaos around the old casa with Ryan getting ready to graduate, multiple time sensitive projects at work, getting Aidan into speech (I’ll write more about this later, I promise) and just life in general. I ran across the all time COOLEST website ever and I HAVE to show it to y’all. It’s called Multicolr Search Lab – Idee Inc.

Here’s my latest favorite color combination, spring green and cranberry (it’s Christmas-y in a cool, quirky way): (Photo Deleted)

Not totally sure what you can do with it aside from waste time but it’s fun! Have a great weekend, all! It’s our last as an enlisted family!

PS. The last scene on The Office last night, where Pam’s friend was trying to convince her to stay in New York and Jim heard it all and his face was totally heartbroken? Killed me. So sad.