Ok kids, I’m officially over the whole “small purse” thing.  For years I carried a gigundous Coach bag that my friends called my “suitcase.”  It had a tendency to murder my shoulder and it often weighed over 10 pounds but I loved it.  I always had room for everything I needed.  Recently I decided that maybe I should try going small and got a small green suede Coach bag.  Yeah, I’m over it.  I’m currently lusting after something like this.

This is the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag and I LURRRRRVE it.  It’s only like $1000 or some insane price like that…ya know, chump change.

This Dylan Large Speedy Tote is at the “bargain basement” price of $450.  I really dig the hardware on this bag.

So, my goal is to find a similar sized and shaped bag for a lot less.  Anyone have any tips or hints or links they want to send on my way?  I want a fairly short drop on the straps so I carry it over my arm instead of my shoulder and I want leather, not “leatherette” or any other leather substitute.  Any ideas?