Have I mentioned to y’all how much I love our Goodwill?  It was recently renovated and is fabulous now.  I found a couple of cute little solid colored long-sleeved tops for Aidan there last week and decided to do a little up-cycling.  🙂

This one is a purple Old Navy top.  I appliqued the letter A onto it and a flower from the print of the fabric.  Aidan’s favorite thing right now is to point out the letter A whenever she sees it and says “A for Aidan!”  Purple is one of her favorite colors right now (along with pink, of course) so she loved this little shirt.

This black one is from Target (originally).  I added the Halloween applique to wear with the skirt I made her.  Her class is going to the pumpkin patch so she’ll wear it then and she’ll wear it again when we go to the pumpkin patch as a family.