Hi everyone!  A lot has gone on since I last blogged…here’s my attempt at updating you all on the craziness.

My grandfather passed away on September 4.  He was 81.  I wrote about his 80th birthday almost a year and a half ago.  I found out shortly after lunch, spent about an hour in my principal’s office crying, talking to her and my pastor and trying to get myself together enough to drive the 2 miles home.  When I got home I spoke with my mother and started making arrangements to fly back to Texas for the funeral.  Aidan stayed with my pastor’s family and Ryan had to stay in training (can’t miss more than 48 hours) so I went by myself.  I flew into West Texas on 9/5.  It was so weird being there without him…I’ve never been to my grandparents house without him either being at the airport or their house to meet me.  I got to see all of my family and we were typically loud and boisterous, sharing memories of Granddaddy and others that had passed.  I love celebrations of life like that.  My grandmother tried to hold off on the funeral as long as she could so my brother could make it back from

Afghanistan to attend but it just didn’t work out.  We had the visitation on Sunday and the funeral on Monday.

I read a tribute that I wrote to him and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life next to saying goodbye to him.  I sniffled and snotted and cried my way through it but I made it.  Afterwards I tucked the tribute into his coffin…I’m sad he never got to hear or read what I had to say.  My brother and his wife were able to fly in from TN for the day on Wednesday to spend time with my grandmother.  I stayed until Friday, 9/12 to help with legal dealings and to find all the documents she needed to take with her to the attorney’s office.

While I was there, the area I was in had a 100-Year Flood event.  Over 9 inches of rain fell in 1 day.  It’s very flat there and floods very easily since it’s typically a desert climate.  The waters rise very quickly and there aren’t many places for it to go so it hangs around for a while.  On top of that, Hurricane Ike was looming on the horizon for Houston.  As y’all know, that’s where Ryan and I are from.  Luckily, my parents were still in West Texas and were able to ask friends to move plants and patio furniture into the garage.  Ryan’s family all consolidated into the 2 houses furthest North to weather the storm.  I worry about our friends that still live down on Clear Lake where Ryan and I lived when we got married.  This pic is from the NY Times from about 10-15 miles down I-45 from where Ryan and I lived.  The water (Galveston Bay) is normally nowhere near that close to the road!  Last I heard, most of the SE Texas area is still without power and may not get it back for weeks.  I’ve never been so glad to NOT be in Texas!  There’s nothing more miserable than assessing damages and starting clean-up with NO AC to go back into afterwards.  Bleah.

I hope everyone is doing well.