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Here we go !
1. I’m a recovering band nerd.  I first learned to play the French horn in 1988 and played up through my first year of graduate school.  I still have my horn and Aidan loves for me to get it out.  20 years…man do I feel old!
2. I have a weird obsession with teeth.  I dream about my own, especially about having braces and for some weird reason I put too much really sticky bubble gum in my mouth.  Then I have to speak so I try to pull the gum out of my mouth and it gets all stuck to my braces.  Weird.  I’m dying to get Lumineers because the enamel on my front teeth is too thin (they ground down too far when I got my braces off) and you can see the dentin through it so they look yellow.  I HATE it and want it fixed.  Of course Lumineers are a gazillion dollars/tooth and my military dental insurance won’t pay for it (or pretty much anything else).
3. I am absolutely, positively addicted to peanut butter.  My favorite thing to eat right now is a large extra-thick peanut butter shake from Bruster’s Ice Cream.  YUM!
4. I took 14 hours of Russian language courses in college.  All I can remember is “Hello, my name is Tara, what’s your name?  Very nice to meet you.”  (Zdrasvutye, menya zvoot Tara, kak vas zavoot?  Ochin priyatna.)  I can also say “I don’t know!” (Ya ne znayu…which I used A LOT!) and “Excuse me.” (Izvenitye…which I had to say when I was late…which was a lot too…maybe that’s why I can’t remember much!)  BTW, those are all approximations of the transliteration from Cyrillic to English.
5. I fell asleep on my first day of first grade.  I don’t really remember waking up so from time to time (a lot when I was younger) I wonder if I’m still dreaming in first grade.
6. I own over 30 green shirts.  Green is my favorite color and when we dress up as saints at my school for Halloween, I fully plan on decking myself out completely in green and going as St. Patrick.  🙂
OK , that was fun … Thanks to Annie for tagging me…I’m going to abstain from tagging…play along if you’re interested!