Fun little meme I found over at good-ness.

I AM a mother, teacher, wife, daughter and sister.
I WANT a housekeeper and more energy.
I HAVE an issue with being very territorial.
I KEEP buying fabric even though I have a lot.
I WISH I COULD go back to Texas to see my family and an Aggie game.
I HATE oblivious people.
I FEAR someone hurting my child.
I HEAR the washing machine and TV.
I DON’T THINK furniture and knick-knacks should ever collect dust.
I REGRET not getting my teaching certification in college.
I LOVE my family, my friends, traveling and Mexican food.
I AM NOT happy when people I’m around aren’t happy.
I DANCE to country music with Ryan. Or used to.  It’s hard to find country bars in Georgia!
I SING silly songs with Aidan.
I NEVER have enough time in the day.
I REALLY love peanut butter. 
I CRY WHEN I WATCH Beaches and Steel Magnolias.
I AM NOT ALWAYS awake early enough.
I HATE THAT I’m not as good at things as I think I should be.
I AM CONFUSED ABOUT which tests I need to take to get my GA special education certification.
I NEED a million dollars.
I SHOULD exercise more and eat less.