Thank you to everyone who prayed for and sent their positive thoughts to Ryan for his PT test.  Praise God, he passed!  He just called me and I could immediately tell that he passed by his voice.  He was so up and happier sounding than he was yesterday.  He said he prayed that God would help him pass his push-ups and he did and he thanked God for helping him.  Then he asked for God’s help in passing his sit-ups and he did so he thanked God again.  Finally, came the run and he prayed for God’s help, that He would make his ankle strong enough and that he would get a passing time.  He said he finished the run, got his time, gave it to the grader, then he said he fell to his knees, threw up, cried and thanked God for helping him pass.  He said he’s never felt so thankful to God for helping him before.  (He was REALLY stressing out about this run.)  Praise to God for helping him achieve his goal.  Thank you all for your prayers and faithfulness.  I’ll definitely keep you all updated on Ryan’s progress in OCS.