Last weekend my mom came to town to visit Aidan (we just happened to be here too so she saw us as well but hanging with the grandbaby was her main objective).  As we were crossing the street from the parking area to go into the Atlanta airport, I saw a little girl wearing the CUTEST dress and I’m completely inspired to make Aidan something similar.

It was a black/grey chambray-type fabric.  Something similar to this fabric on Ebay (which is selling for a REALLY good price right now!) Click the pic for a link to the fabric…just don’t buy it all up before I get some!

With this silhouette: (Photo Deleted)

(The one in the hat).  Trimmed in white cotton with a white cotton sash/ribbon and bow.

Cute, no?

In other news…

I started cutting out an outfit for Aidan yesterday.  I saw the cutest outfit at my favorite local fabric store so I bought the pattern and fabric to copy it.  Either I don’t know how to lay pattern pieces out to economize the fabric usage or we didn’t account for cutting 2 backs and 2 fronts of the top and didn’t get enough.  So, of course, I freakin’ ran out of fabric before I got everything cut out.  Grrr…I hate that.

I am dying to start a blazer for myself.  I bought a pattern (of course, I can’t remember what it was…either Butterick, Simplicty or McCall’s) and fabric (a gorgeous brown velveteen) last year and now I finally feel confident in my skills to start it for myself.  I’ve set in sleeves before so I don’t think I’ll have an issue with that.  My mom cautioned me with the velvet because it has a nap, she said it’s harder to sew.  Does anyone have any tips for that?