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smor·gas·bord   Audio Help   [smawr-guhs-bawrd, -bohrd or, often, shmawr] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation


1. a buffet meal of various hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, salads, casserole dishes, meats, cheeses, etc.
2. an extensive array or variety: The company has a smorgasbord of employee benefits.
Also, smör·gås·bord   Audio Help   [Sw. smɶr-gaws-boord] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation.
This post would be an example of #2…none of the items in this post really match so it’s just a smorgasbord of sh-tuff.
#1  My iPhone is here!  It arrived on the 6th but no one at the AT&T store bothered to call me.  I had to track the shipment via the FedEx website to find out it had arrived 2 days after it’d already been there.  All is forgiven though because she is gorgeous and I’m in love with her.  I’ve already added a fun Office wallpaper that doesn’t scream “freaky fangirl” and uploaded The Office theme song as my ringtone.  Yes, I’m a dork, and your point is?  Playing with my phone and learning all its fun little tricks has gotten to be an obsession/addiction.  Seriously…Youtube looks better and downloads faster on it than on my laptop!
#2  My mom came into town this weekend for a quick visit.  I love it when she comes to visit, as does Aidan, who got quite a full dose of “Grandmommy Spoiling.”  We hung out, went to the PX (she gets her perfume, Coach stuff and Brighton stuff there because it’s EL CHEAPO and not taxed), she took us out to dinner, taught me some stuff on sewing and played with Aidan.  The visit was WAY too short.  I’m hoping that Aidan and I can go home at the end of October for the Quilt Festival.  We shall see.
#3  My mom taught me how to put in a zipper!  I have overcome my crippling zipperphobia!  WOO HOO!  She’s so smart.  🙂  Mom didn’t like my zipper foot, to which I replied that she bought the sewing machine, it’s her fault I have a cruddy zipper foot.  She has a very high end Bernina and some fancy schmancy feet so I think she’s spoiled.  
#4  I hate dealing with government paperwork.  Wayyyyyy back in like March or February I ordered cool new personalized Texas A&M license plates.  The day after I got them, I traded in my old car for my new car…the cool new plates were registered to my old car.  Oops!  Ok, I admit…not the greatest timing with very little forethought on my part but that’s neither here nor there.  So anyway, my current car has Georgia plates that are getting ready to expire and renewal fees are out-the-butt expensive (as a military family, we only get 1 ad valorem tax exemption which we use for Ryan’s truck…the ad valorem tax is what makes renewal so expensive…like over $200!) so I wanted to put my pretty new Texas plates on my car.  Apparently that’s not so easy.  The state of Texas doesn’t like to transfer speciality plates (they want you to order new ones so they can get more money, I’m sure) and it’s also really hard to register a vehicle in Texas when you live out of state (mucho, mucho, mucho paperwork).  I have this huge envelope of paperwork that the county we’re from in Texas sent us and I’ve been putting off filling it out because it’s all sort of contradictory and strange.  The plates on the my car expire this Thursday (also Ryan’s 31st birthday) so I can’t really put it off any longer.  To be honest, I’m tempted to just slap the Texas plates on the car and deal with the paperwork when we move back to Texas.  I wonder how legal that would be?  I’m guessing I’ve sort of outted myself by announcing my plans to do something illegal on the interwebs, huh?
#5  I started my job last week.  I think I’m really going to enjoy the school where I’m working.  It’s small, only 1 class per grade level and the largest class only has 15 students (which is good because I only have 15 functional computers in the computer lab!).  The days start with prayer (although I only know the Lord’s Prayer…heathen Protestant that I am) and the kids are all very well-behaved and look nice their little Catholic school uniforms.  I’ve been spending my days loading software onto the computers, formatting desktops so they all look alike, setting up folders and directories for the kids to save their work and writing lesson plans.   It’s a little rough because I’ve never taught computer before but I’m usually the most computer literate person at whatever school I’ve ever worked at so I think I’ll be OK.  😉  I’m testing for my technology education certification later on this month.  It’s sort of weird though because they put non-computer type stuff on there like Shop and such.  I hope that doesn’t screw me up because while I am extremely technically savvy as far as computers go, I have no spatial reasoning skills and am the least mechanically inclined person you’d ever want to meet.
#6  I think I must be a glutton for punishment.  In a moment of weakness, I went ahead and agreed to teach middle school Sunday School this year, in addition to teaching at my school, subbing in the county school district and working with the children’s program on Wednesday nights.  I will definitely be looking for some grown-up time this school year!!!
And finally…#7  Ryan’s start date for OCS was pushed back due to an injury.  Bleah, no fun.  He’s bummed, I’m bummed but it’s better that he start late and heal than have started with the original class he was assigned to and fail a PT test because of his gimpy ankle.  As it stands right now, he’ll graduate and commission 2 days before our 5th wedding anniversary.  I can’t think of a better anniversary present.  🙂  Even better than going to Savannah while he was home on R&R last year.  My goal is to lose 40 pounds between now and then.  I have 3 months to do it in.  Sound doable?  I’ve decided I’m going to focus on exercise more than diet this time (since dieting alone hasn’t worked so well in the past).  Wish me luck!  I wanna be a hot sexy mama when I pin those bars on my man in November!
Have a great week, everyone!