My latest treasure trove of thrifty goodies. (Photos Deleted)

Antique green glass insulator (I can’t resist green glass!)

Detail of the star on the side

Hand-pieced quilt square. I’m not sure what I should do with this. I think it’s too delicate to make into a pillow…I might frame it. Any ideas?

Detail of the hand-stitching.

Old sewing goodies: jumper pattern, buttons to cover, “iron-on embroidery” patch.

Detail of the iron-on embroidery patch.

Adorable sleeping bag for Aidan. Do you know how hard it is to find a sleeping bag for little girls that isn’t covered from head to toe in licensed characters? I saw this goodie and had to get it, even though she’s a little young to use it (plus it was only $4.50).

I also got a vintage sheet with pretty trim and a shower curtain with a ruffle on it to use as fabric (but I didn’t get pics of those).  Happy Thrifting!