I finished this outfit this week and Aidan wore it to school on Thursday.  I bought the fabric this spring at Hobby Lobby thinking I’d do a reversible A-line dress but I’ve been working on sewing “outside the box” and making things besides my tried and true A-line.

This came together really easily (or I’m just getting to be more skilled).  I used grosgrain ribbon instead of bias tape on the armholes which made that pretty easy (and matched perfectly).  I think my fusible interfacing was a little stiff (I bought some lighter weight facing today for future projects).  I’ve even gotten to where I let her wear all the clothes I make her to school…although she’s a lot neater in her preschool class so we haven’t come home with any major stains…knock on wood.  I have another dress in the works…all I have left to do is finish a neckstrap, sew a yoyo onto it and do a buttonhole.  About a 10 minute job.  Is it finished yet?  Heck no.  Why?  I dunno…just bein’ lazy I guess.  Maybe tomorrow so she can wear it to church on Sunday.  But don’t quote me on it.