Today, Jenn Maruska wrote a lovely post about “threadbare companions of childhood.”  To sum it up (but definitely go read it for yourself, it’s a really sweet and poignant post), she and her husband found a book called Dirty Wow Wow (and Other Love Stories)She found it to be particularly touching since she and her husband have their childhood companions with them even now.  She posted pictures of their items and then challenged other bloggers to chronicle their own special childhood item.

This is Moosie.  My maternal grandmother gave him to me when I was 6 years old.  She used to own a giftshop inside her hair salon and she sold stuffed football players.  She gave my brother a Dallas Cowboys football player so I asked for a Texas Tech football player (I was operating under the influence of my parents’ and grandparents’ Tech brainwashing).  She got a doll wearing a red uniform and she added the Texas Tech “Double T” to each side of his helmet and gave him to me.  I named him Moosie…I have NO idea why…I think it might’ve been on the label or tag.  Or it could’ve just been my weird little 6 year old imagination.  🙂 

Moosie went EVERYWHERE with me.  Girl Scout Camp, trips to see my grandparents, band camp, slumber parties, college, you name it, if I left my house to sleep, he went with me.  I slept with him tucked under my arm so much (uh, pretty much every night for 20+ years?) that his head became misshapen, molded to fit against my body.  I used to carry him by his nose so his nose became stretched out.  One of his eyes fell out, the other eye had all the paint scratched off.  The elastic on his pants came off (I used a rubberband to hold them up), shoe laces are long gone, his face mask straps are stretched out, the felt “Double Ts” that my grandmother added peeled off.  He’s dirty, he’s old, he’s beaten up and I love him. 

My younger brother used to play tricks on me and hide him when we were young.  I could not sleep without him and everything would cease in the house until Moosie was found.  Once, I accidentally left him at my grandparents’ house (they lived 800+ miles away) and it took about a month to get him back…I hunted for any kind of substitute that would work but nothing could replace Moosie.  At Army Basic Training (did I tell y’all I went to Basic in 1996…yeah, not once of my wiser decisions), of course, I couldn’t bring Moosie with me.  I slept with a flashlight in Moosie’s place.  Finally, when Ryan and I got engaged we made a deal that when we got married, I would finally put Moosie away.  I did…but he’s still with me, living in the top of my closet, following us around wherever the Army sends us.