It occurred to me last week that it has been at least 3 years (give or take a few months) since I’ve had my hair professionally colored and styled.  As someone who used to never even bat an eyelash at spending upwards of $200 a month on color and cut maintenance (I had an awesome stylist that I just adored…they’re SO hard to find!) back before I was married, this was sort of a shock to realize.  So, I asked around, found some fellow “blondes with help” (those of us who were born blonde but now need help staying blonde) and asked where they went and bit the bullet and made an appointment.  Yesterday I went in at 9:45 and came out at 1 in the afternoon with a new cut and color and I’m thrilled with it.  🙂

Here I am!

She did a 2 color foil process, alternating a cool brown (a tad darker than my natural color) and a really nice light warm blonde.  It took a good 2 hours to get the foils done!  My butt was numb and her recently broken toe was numb by the time we were done foiling!  After the color processing, I told her I wanted a cut, I needed some shape, badly.  I haven’t really cut my hair since I got nuts in 2006 and cut it all off, SHORT (like spikey short) so it needed some help badly.  It’s very heavy and thick so without some texturing and layering, it tends to hang pretty limp.  She did a great job layering it, adding in some texture and even cut me some cute, long side-swept bangs.  The bangs are taking some getting used to…they’re not quite trained to stay to the side yet so I’m constantly pushing them back (kind of annoying).  Anyway, I’m thrilled with the results (not so thrilled with how pudgy my face looks there…geez!).  I definitely cannot wait 3+ years again to have it done again.  Ryan keeps commenting that officer wives are supposed to be hot so I guess I have some maintenance and upkeep to work on.  Hope he knows it costs a bit to look good!  😉