I finished the latest outfit I made for Aidan last night and she wore it today.  I know you’re all shocked that it’s not an A-line dress…me too.  😉

This was a pretty easy pattern to whip up and I’m pretty happy with it!

The back is a tad on the gapey side (I think some elastic might fix that if I make this pattern again) and (shock, shock) I put in buttons instead of a zipper.

I took these prior to going to town to run around.  While we were out, I had Aidan’s ears pierced.  She’s been talking about it and Ryan and I have been batting it around so I decided to just go for it.  She cried for about a half a second then they gave her a lollipop and a sticker so she was a happy camper.

Currently I’m working on a dress for my friend, Maria’s, little girl, Mia.  I ran across some awesome fabric remnants at Sweet Treasures but there wasn’t much of either piece so I had to make a small dress.  I’m being brave and making my own bias tape to trim the arms and neck because there wasn’t enough of either fabric to line the dress.  I’ve got one arm hole done so far and I’m really liking how it’s looking.  I’d like to get it finished tonight so I can hopefully get it in the mail tomorrow.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!