So, today didn’t turn out exactly as planned.  I went to the first of our 2 AT&T stores at 10am (should’ve gone earlier but had to feed and dress Aidan which always takes longer than planned) and they sold out about 10 minutes after I got there.  I went to the second AT&T store across town (which I should’ve gone to first) and waited in line in the heat for 2 hours.  I was 2 people behind the last person to get one.  DANG it!  So, I placed an order for a direct fulfillment which means that my order will be (or would be…more on that in a second) filled before the store gets more phones in stock.  More accurately, I tried to do a direct fulfillment…I wanted to pay in cash which obviously was incredibly confusing for the dumb little chick waiting on me.  Apparently they don’t take cash for iPhones, you have to buy gift cards first then pay for the phone with the gift cards.  Ok, no prob, let’s do that.  Dumb chick didn’t realize that she was in the middle of a transaction and therefore couldn’t let me purchase gift cards on the same terminal.  I understood but clearly she didn’t.  Meanwhile Aidan is losing it, she’s hot, hungry and cranky and coming close melting down.  Luckily the manager sees this and tells me that he will deal with the situation and they’ll call me when my phone comes in…probably next week.  Ugh, this kiddo can’t go back to day care soon enough.  I love her and all but it’s just impossible to run errands with her.  Long story short, I’ll get my new phone next week…if that dumb chick doesn’t screw things up even further.