Anyone remember, about a thousand years ago, that I started a quilt for Aidan’s room?  I got to the point of needing to bind it here which was over 6 months ago.  I noticed that I started this thing almost a year ago…11 months for a quilt?  Geez, procrastinate much?  I finally got around to binding it last night.  I know I didn’t do it right but it worked and is now washed and on Aidan’s bed.  I even whipped up a little pillow case for her pillow.  It looks so cute on her bed and she loves it!  I showed it to her and Ryan today and Ryan asked her if she liked her new blanket.  She corrected him, “It’s a quilt, Daddy.”  Too smart for her own good, this one.



I love the puckery look of a just washed quilt.  Don’t you?


Folded over to show the back side.  Here’s my design board to remind you of what I used:

All the fabrics but the green dotted one are from Joel Dewberry’s line, Aviary, in the “Bloom” color pallette.  I can’t remember what line the green dotted fabric is from (in hindsight, I wish I’d gone with one of the greens in the Aviary Line…oh well).  I had it professionally quilted by a seller I found on eBay.  Sadly, I can’t find her contact information any longer.  The quilting is amazing!  It’s an abstract floral pattern and looks fabulous.  We’ll see how Aidan enjoys sleeping under her new quilt tonight.