I went to bed feeling pretty nauseous last night and then woke up this morning with horrible stomach cramps.  I got up to go to the bathroom at about 6:30am and passed clean out, hitting my chest/sternum on the sink.  Not fun.  It feels like someone is hitting me between the boobs with a sledgehammer.  I still had to take my student teaching video over to a school (I interviewed at another school, 3x the money for a position that’s within my field…pray I get it!) despite being in pain so I loaded Aidan up (thank God she can get into and out of her car seat by herself, I can’t lift her) and went over.  Just the act of driving was enough pain to take my breath away so I called and got an appointment with the doctor this morning.  We went back on post and saw the PA, turns out I have gastroenteritis which caused me to have vasovagal syncope and hit my chest which bruised my sternum pretty badly.  She told me I’m going to be in pain for 3 weeks(!).  Yay.  It’s so easy to deal with a 3 year old when any upper body movement hurts like mother-trucker.  I got meds for it all and I’m supposed to go back in as soon as I can get care for Aidan to get a chest x-ray to make sure I didn’t crack it.  I was also supposed to go fill out the paperwork to get Aidan re-enrolled at her school for the fall but we didn’t make it there before 1.  So, we have to go back out tomorrow to do that and to do Aidan’s (very late) 3 year well child visit.  Ugh.  I need an assistant.  Crud, I just remembered, I forgot to get a note for work…I don’t know if I’ll still have gastroenteritis by Friday but I know I won’t be able to lift and carry heavy plates of food when just carrying my purse hurts.  Man…weekends are the best money too.  Dang it.