Last night was one weird night.

1.  I had a guest complain that there was alcohol in his Chicken Marsala.  I was moreorless dumbfounded when he said that.  Um, duh, marsala is a WINE, of course there’s going to be ALCOHOL in the dish.  Luckily one of my favorite managers was on and he took care of it for me but GEEZ, find something more authentic to gripe about if you’re looking for a free meal!  He did leave me $4 which surprised me considering the fact that when I came by and asked how they were doing his wife said “Horrible!”  YIKES!

2.  I had one of the largest tables in the house in my section, which I love (normally) because it’s a big money-maker.  It’s a 10-top (meaning it can hold 10 guests) and I can usually get sat there 2-3 times during the night and typically make $10-20 in tips off of it each time it’s sat.  The second time it was sat last night I got the WEIRDEST party I have EVER had.  To start off with, none of them spoke but the men.  The girls sat around sulking.  Second, the guy in charge (and he made it very clear that he was in charge) was so picky about everything and I had to stand there while he explained while pushing his salad around in the bowl.  Ok, I get it, you don’t want the caesar, you want a house salad.  Don’t make me stand there for 5 minutes while you explain the obvious and I steadily get in the weeds.  Third, only a few of them actually wound up eating.  The girls sulked and text messaged while the guys talked.  It was just weird.  The guy and his wife only ate about a third of the dish that they got to split and then didn’t want to take any with them.  I literally felt like that table was a ticking timebomb the whole time I had them.  Like something huge was going to happen and they were going to explode at any second.  Despite all the weirdness I still got a $20 tip.  Apparently, that’s their MO, as other servers recognized them and knew exactly what they would do.

3.  I felt like I was behind and in the weeds ALL NIGHT last night.  I was making stupid mistakes like forgetting to ring in food as soon as salads went out, forgetting to put more soup in the boiler when I put soup out on the line, etc.  Just stupid, rookie mistakes.  I literally ran my butt off last night.

But you know what the weirdest part of the whole night was?  I made my highest tips YET!  $85!  I was SHOCKED.  Sunday nights are not known for being great nights for making money, it’s usually Friday ($50) and Saturday nights (only $30).  It was just a flat out weird night.