Not too long ago, I ordered a mess o’ fabric from Jen at Fabric Bliss.  Today my order arrived and I opened it up to dig through and refresh my memory of what exactly I ordered (am I the only one who sometimes forgets what she ordered when the order is kinda big?)  So anyway, I’m digging through the envelope looking at all my fun new goodies.

Suspender clips? Check!

Farbenmix Ribbon?  Check!

Fresh as a Daisy by Robert Kaufman :: Floral Paisley?  Check!

Park Slope Poppy Dot in Navy by Erin McMorris? Check!


Fresh as a Daisy Berries and Flowers on Green by Robert Kaufman?  Oops!  This isn’t green, this is white…I never order white fabrics for Aidan ’cause she’s a big ol’ slob…hmm…what did I order?  This is Fresh as a Daisy Berries and Flowers on White by Robert Kaufman.

So I emailed Jen to let her know what the problem was.  Less than 30 minutes later she emailed me back to apologize for the problem and to tell me that she was shipping out the correct fabric at once and to keep the incorrect fabric for my troubles.  That, y’all, is what you call CUSTOMER SERVICE!  I fully expected to have to send the incorrect fabric back and to have to wait a day or two to hear from them.  This is why you should always buy from independently owned fabric sellers!  Go see Jen over at Fabric Bliss, tell her Tara sent you!