I’ve discovered that I’ve inadvertently put together a collection of green glass without even trying.  I guess I’m just drawn to it and am not consciously thinking of a collection when I buy it.  My first piece was this compote, I bought at Salvation Army.  I think it had been used as a floral vase because it was FILTHY when I brought it home.

I love the grape details on it: (Photos Deleted)

Next, my mother gave me the matching glassware that goes with the china she gave us for our wedding (I’ve only been asking for it for 5 years!)  There are water glasses, iced tea goblets and wine glasses (About 16 glasses in all).  This is an iced tea goblet.

Finally, I found this gorgeous bowl at Goodwill last week.  I remember thinking it reminded me of my grandparents house.  They used to have gorgeous green textured glass on their backdoor (until some idiot shattered it when their house was broken into a few years ago) and they have several bowls that are this shape.  It was after I brought this bowl home that I finally realized, hey, I’ve got a collection, here!

It’s very heavy and just gorgeous.  Only $5!  You have to love it when the thrifting/shopping gods smile upon you!