So y’all remember all that hooplah and sturm und drung from about a month ago regarding my social studies certification, right?  Craziness.  I figured I’d just go ahead, get the language arts certification and then add on the social studies later…no big deal.  I got on the Georgia Performance Standards Commission website today to check the status of my certification and lo and behold, what did I find there?  Certification in both middle grades language arts AND middle grades social studies.  WOO HOO!!!

I just registered for the secondary English tests.  I wanted to get the secondary history tests as well but apparently they conflict so I can’t take both sets in August.  Durn it.  Oh well.  I’m happy to be certified!  Now to just get a job!!

Speaking of jobs, I start serving on my own tonight.  It’s a tad crazy that they have me starting off on my own on a Friday night but then, this isn’t Houston where it’s normal to expect an hour to two hour wait on a weekend.

Sorry I haven’t been around that much lately.  Ryan and Aidan are getting ready to head to Texas and I’ll have a bit more time to myself to blog.  I have a couple of fun thrifty items to show off (we just got an AWESOME new Goodwill, our old one was seriously ghetto) and my birthday present from my parents that I want to show y’all.  Have a great weekend and happy father’s day!