First of all…


The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Softball team beat the hell outta #1 seeded Florida in extra innings tonight to go onto the Womens College World Series.  Whoop!  They play game 1 tomorrow night at 8pm Eastern against Arizona State.  Aidan and I had the opportunity to see the Lady Ags play here at the beginning of their season (I could’ve SWORN I did a post about this…I guess I didn’t).  We saw them play three games and Aidan and I got to meet the team, some of their parents and they gave her an autographed softball that Aidan got as a foul ball (one of the moms told me to hang onto it, they’d get it signed for us).  They’re an awesome bunch of girls, they took pics of Aidan (I’m kicking myself that I didn’t have my camera…one of the moms still hasn’t sent me the pics yet) and carried her around.  Aidan had on her full Aggie gear and loved saying “Gig ‘Em, Aggies!” and “Hit the ball!”  They kept telling her to grow up and play softball.  It was adorable!  So, anyway, WHOOP!  I’m proud of the Lady Ags!  Beat the hell outta Arizona State!

Next on the agenda…the Aggie baseball team smeared the University of Houston last night 22-4.  That’s HUGE!  The Ags are playing in the College Station Regional, beat UH last night and are playing them again tonight to advance.  Beat the hell outta Cougar High!

Moving on…I have my job interview tomorrow so wish me luck/pray for me.  I’d love to go into the summer knowing I have a job lined up for the fall and I can start lesson planning.

Speaking of teaching…I go to church with one of my advisors (it’s like freakin’ Office Space at my university, I have about 12 advisors) and brought up my situation with her.  She told me I could take my initial certification in Middle Grades Language Arts then apply to the Professional Standards Commission for any additional certifications I want…I just have to take the tests.  Since I already took the social studies test, I can apply for my Middle Grades Social Studies certification and forget about the university and that stupid geography credit.  Woo hoo!  I plan on taking every test I think I can pass.  🙂

Finally, I got a summer job!  🙂  Tomorrow I report to Johnny Carino’s at 2pm to start orientation as a server.  I used to wait tables in college and I know the potential for good tips…we need additional income so this is what I’ll be doing probably every night and weekends until August.  I’d like to be able to keep doing it on weekends after school starts for extra cash but I’m not sure about childcare with Ryan going to OCS.  We’ll see.  So…that’s my update.  Y’all have a good week!