We’ll start with the good news first since it takes less time to write.  I have an interview!  😀  Yay!  Yesterday I was at the dentist getting a new bottom retainer glued in (I’m a tad OCD about my teeth…it’s weird, I know) and right as I was getting called back, a middle school calls and asks if I can make it to an interview at 9am (it was 8:30am when they called).  I did quick calculations in my head to see if I could make it across town, change and to the school in 30 minutes and realized that since we haven’t achieved teleportation yet…that was going to be an impossible feat for me to achieve.  I apologized, told them I was at the dentist and could we do it another time.  I spoke with the lady today and I have an interview scheduled for Monday morning at 9am.  I’m supposed to be doing Vacation Bible School then but I’ll have to be late.  Luckily, everyone at church knows I’m looking for a teaching job (most are former teachers themselves) so it’s not a big deal.

Bad news:  Remember the issue with with geography credit?  Ok, I emailed the head of the geography department about why I took the test instead of a course.  Gave her my little sobstory about being here on my own, working fulltime, taking 6 hours of education classes and taking care of Aidan…you’d think she’d have a little compassion, no?  Here’s the email I got back from her:

I will need to check with our Geographer. In your area it is very important to take the course work. You might take a look at the Georgia Performance Standards and see if you feel comfortable with your content knowledge. You might have heard that Georgia students failed the social studies test in large numbers this year. I’ll let you know when I get a reply.

This insulted me on so many levels it’s unreal.  First off, I am EXTREMELY confident in my content material.  I walked into a Georgia studies class, having never studied Georgia history in my life, learned my content and successfully taught the class.  The amount of geography on the Georgia Performance Standards is negligible.  The test I took was HARD.  DAMN freakin’ hard.  I’ve never thought so hard in my life and I passed it.  Second, the test scores for sixth and seventh graders in the state of Georgia were invalidated because it was found that there were discrepancies between the test and the answer forms causing uniformly low scores across the board on both tests.  This is not an issue with the teaching, by any means.  This is a testing issue.  How dare this woman imply that the low scores were due to poor teaching.  I responded kindly by saying that I felt very confident in my subject matter and content material and would not have opted to take the test for credit if I weren’t so confident and then thanked her for her prompt attention to the matter.

So today I got this email:

I regret to inform that after extensive review the History & Geography department has decided not to accept the Geography DSST exam for transfer.  Unfortunately, no credit will be awarded.

WTF?  This pisses me off to no end.  I emailed the people in the certification office at the college of education what my course of action is and what, if any options I might have.  I’m basically looking for a cheap way to get this motherfreakin’ geography credit.  I have the knowledge (proven by the fact that I’ve already passed a NATIONALLY recognized test), I just need the stupid school to accept it.  ARGGGHH!  I need a margarita or 12.