Ok, I checked in with the college of education today and am slowly but surely getting things worked out.  DSST said that they did send my test results to the university so now I have to figure out how to get proof to the COE that I did, actually pass.  I have an email in with a registrar because apparently the university does not put stuff like that on our transcripts.  That’d make too much sense. 

I turned in proof that the (now former) department chair approved a waiver of the “teaching math in middle grades” so hopefully that’s taken care of.  My main issue is figuring out what to do about this stupid grammar/linguistics/structure of the English language course requirement.  I minored in English for pete’s freakin’ sake!  They’re BOUND to be able to find something in all the skazillions of hours I’ve taken that satisfies this stupid requirement.  Ok, it’s not really stupid considering I want to teach it but it’s stupid in that I can’t get a transfer credit for it.

So, that’s how things are going now.  I’m hoping for some positive emails tomorrow!