Aidan turned 3 on May 9.  Thank you all for such sweet birthday wishes for her.  We pretty much spent all last weekend celebrating her day.

On her actual birthday on Friday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese.  She would not come sit down and eat telling me, “But I want to love him!”  She’s got a thing for Chuck.

Like Mother, like daughter…Skee Ball is my FAVORITE game!  She needs to work on her form a bit…we were doing good to keep it on our lane.  😉

Playing a shooting game with Daddy.  Just a note: those guns are freakin’ heavy…I dropped one on my foot and it’s STILL bruised!

Hi Everyone!

Aidan and her boyfriend, Connor, at her party at Monkey Joe’s.

Aidan and her friend, Liza (and Liza’s mommy), at Monkey Joe’s.

Aidan and some of her guests, opening gifts.

Still opening gifts.

Blowing out the candles.

The Principessa, surveying her loyal subjects.

She had a wonderful birthday weekend, especially since her Daddy was home for the whole thing.