On our way to the airfield

A sign that we saw there.  Everyone loved it.

Live video of the plane landing outside the terminal

Our guys de-planing

Someone was getting bored…it was about 2 hours from touchdown to our getting to see Daddy

They showed a countdown of things the guys had to do before they could come out and see us…this was right before they came out.  You’d think the biggest rock star out there entered the room when they flashed that sign.  Everyone went nuts.

Marching in

Mine’s right in the center of this pic…I’ve never wanted the speaker to shut up more than I did right then.

We just about ran over a lady on our way out to see Daddy.  This was ONE excited little girl!  I, of course, cried on his shoulder for a good minute or two before we kissed.

One happy family, reunited again!

This is Ryan’s unit.

I’m so glad to have my little family back together again under one roof.  🙂  Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers and support during Ryan’s deployment.  It’s been a long 14 months, I’m so glad it’s over and he’s home safe.