Today is Earth Day.  It’s been next to impossible to ignore that fact today.  Yet, despite the day’s intense focus on environmental stewardship, the Discovery Channel (a channel you’d think would be interested in furthering the idea of environmental stewardship) has show two episodes of its hit show Deadliest Catch where the fishermen are seen on camera throwing things overboard.  First, in a rerun from last week, one of the ships plays a joke on another ship by attaching a junky old truck onto a crabtrap and throws it overboard for the trap owner to find.  They showed all sorts of detrius falling from the truck when they moved it around and then they threw it into the Bering Sea.  Uh, does this strike anyone else as IRRESPONSIBLE?  Then, the trap owner came along, pulled the truck up, had a good laugh, took some pictures and COULD have kept it on deck to dispose of responsibly once they were back in Alaska.  But did they?  NO.  They dropped it overboard to rust and corrode and pollute the very waters they fish from.  A freaking truck.  In the new episode on tonight, they showed home videos of boatcrews throwing things overboard and then trying to shoot them with a handgun.  They tied what looked like a radio/stereo to the crane and then shot at it until it fell into the sea.  Does this strink anyone else as WRONG?  STUPID?  They’re fishing these waters…shouldn’t they have a vested interest in maintaining the waters?  Shame on Discovery Channel.  You used to be a quasi educational channel…I guess now you’re just interested in ratings and keeping things on your highest rated show interesting.  And I’m not even what you might call an environmentalist.  I’ll be interested to see if there’s any fall out from this.