My newest requirement to be my friend and to read this blog is that you have to love The Office.  I suppose I’ll continue to allow y’all to read along if you don’t meet my requirements but it’s awfully hard on me.  😉  My advice would be to watch some old episodes (Unbox has episodes for purchase or rent, they also come on TBS, 2 at a time on Tuesday nights) and then we can be besties again.  Told y’all these were inane ramblings! 

I feel I must discuss last night’s episode.  I nearly died.  I screamed, I threw the cat (well, not really, she was laying on my feet while I was on the couch and when I jumped up, she sort of got launched…gave me a dirty look and slunk off to go lay on the piece of batting that she has claimed as her bed).  For those of you who haven’t seen the episode in question, either stop reading or go watch it online…




Are they gone yet?




Ok, Jim pulling out the ring and telling the crew that he wasn’t kidding about proposing?  Killed me.  Seriously, heart skipping a beat, full on 8th grade, squee moment.  I love that we, as an audience are in on a secret.  I can remember, a thousand years ago (ok really only like 13…damn I’m old) when Friends was all the thing.  I was across the hall in my friend’s dorm room, watching it when Ross kissed Rachel (anyone remember?  She was locking up the coffeehouse…what a moment).  I remember the collective squeal that erupted not only from our room but from all over our 800 person dorm.  This was one of those moments.   Then when he got down on one knee and said “Pam will you…wait for me for second while I tie my shoe?” I wanted to reach through the TV and smack him (ya know, then hug him too).

I love the talking head with Kevin, showing some heart, and the complete randomness that is Creed, what the heck is he going to do with 3 chairs?  They’re two of my favorite side characters.  I liked when Dwight said something along the lines of Michael needing closure…Dwight’s the one that really needs closure and I think BJ Nowak did a good job of showing this.  I loved Dwangela…I’m sad to see it over.  I have hope that they’ll get them back together.

Over on Office Tally (a great blog by the way!), some people made a few comments that got me to thinking…so here they are in no particular order:

Someone mentioned that Pam said that she wouldn’t move in with someone until she was engaged.  They thought that maybe that’s why Roy proposed in the first place, to get Pam to move in with him and had no real intentions of getting married until the “Booze Cruise” episode.  I had never thought of this before but it makes sense.  He gets half off the rent, they car pool so he saves on gas and he gets in her drawers…sounds like Roy to me.  Other people commented on Pam’s face when she said that…like maybe she doesn’t really want to get engaged.  My feeling is this (and I’ve been in a similar situation): you’re in love, you know he’s in love with you, you know you’ll eventually get engaged, move in and get married but you’re afraid that if you say something like that he’ll either feel manipulated or rushed (which we know Jim would never do) or you’ll feel like you’re manipulating or being pushy so you’re very hesitant to say anything.  When he walked away I think she realized he wasn’t kidding around and the gravity of the moment set in on her like, “Omigod, he’s serious, he’s really going to propose.”  One more note on this: if they go through with it, I most definitely see them eloping.  There’s no way that “Jim” & “Pam” would allow for the craziness that was Phyllis’ and Bob Vance’s wedding.  Personally, I love that he’s got it all planned out, won’t do anything lame or trite and wants to blow her away.  Reminds me SO much of Ryan.  He refused to propose on Valentine’s Day even though he told me ahead of time that he got me something sparkly that I’ll love and will last forever (he got me a star).  And yes, my proposal did blow me away…he made something that I’d always wanted to happen and thought it couldn’t, I have very high hopes.  🙂  That’s all I have to say about that…for now.  😉

A comment on the acting for a second: John Krasinski has this amazing ability to change his look…go from joking around and funny to “If I don’t act on this feeling right now I’m going to die” so quickly and so believably it’s uncanny.  He just has such an expressive face.  He did it in the episode where he had the party at his house and Pam was on his bed (my favorite episode by the way), the Booze Cruise episode out on the deck and then again last night when he stopped on the sidewalk and knelt down like he was going to propose.  A very talented (and incredibly good looking) actor.  I’m amazed that more women don’t accost him on the street (in the December 2007 article in Men’s Health he said women come up and say they’re big fans of the show but never come on to him…I think he must be being modest because there’s no way this can be true). 

Apparently I can’t leave it alone…lets talk about the writing and writers and the “Jamminess” of it all.  Some commenters at OT are afraid that the writers will throw wrenches into the works, the JAM (Jim & Pam’s nickname), a la Chandler and Monica when stuff got all messed up with his proposal.  Honestly, I believe, nay, KNOW, that writers for The Office are far more creative and innovative than to do something so formulaic as create problems where none exist.  The Office is an ensemble cast, while Jim and Pam are being highlighted now because of their relationship, they aren’t the main characters and getting them together won’t “ruin the show”.  There are still many more characters to flesh out and classic awkward moments to be had.  Let these 2 poor tortured souls be together and stop screwing with them and us!