Here’s what’s catching my eye lately: (Pictures deleted)

This vest, knitted by Super Eggplant.

This cool coloring book.  Although the exchange rate is definitely not in our favor right now!

These plates, here.

Orla Kiely shoes, available here.  I first saw them here.

This print reminds me of Aidan…and it’s in my favorite color.

I love this silhouette.  Classic but unique.

This bracelet is calling my name…”Tara!  You know you want me.  You know I speak to you.  Buy me!”  Resist…I must resist!

Just so y’all know, my birthday is in a month, I wear a size 7 shoe and I accept all gifts and tokens of love and appreciation.  😉  Only kidding, unless you wanna buy me something…then I’m serious.