Thank God Aidan woke up before me.  I sat up in bed when she walked in and the clock said 7:36.  You can only guess what I said…thank goodnees Aidan didn’t hear me, I certainly wouldn’t want her repeating that!  I set my alarm last night before going to bed, I’m sure of it but I don’t know what happened.  So I threw some clothes on, got Aidan dressed and drove like a bat out of you-know-where to get Aidan dropped off at her sitters.  It’s nice to have the pastor and his wife keep your kid…when you need a prayer they’re quick with it.  I got over to the high school about 30 minutes after I was supposed to be there.  Thank God they let me in, my room hadn’t begun testing yet. 

I took my language arts test first thing and did well, I think.  There were 2 essays in addition to 60 multiple choice questions.  I did run into a little issue when I was about halfway through the first essay and I ran out of room.  Oops!  I had to go back and do a little editing to make it all fit.  I definitely needed a lot more room.  I’m a pretty verbose writer, I guess. 

The Caspian Sea from orbit

The second test was social studies.  I did fine on all the multiple choice questions.  The first essay question I knocked out of the park, it was on Brown v. Board of Education.  I just finished a major lesson on this very thing so I know I nailed it.  🙂  The second essay was a totally different story.  It dealt with the political, economic and cultural development of Eastern Europe as it relates to the Black and Caspian Seas.  Uh, I have no idea where those are!  As my mother always says “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bulls**t!”  So, I did just that.  Based on the info on Wikipedia, my educated guesses were fairly close to the mark.  Lets just hope they don’t see through it and know I had no idea what I was talking about.  Thank you all for your good wishes, thoughts and prayers.  I have 1 additional exam to take, a computer competency exam week after next then I will be done with my testing requirements.

Sunset on the Black Sea at Lapsi