After my post about being afraid of letting Aidan wear my homemade clothes to school, my mom had a talk with me about letting me wear the clothes she made me.  She told me that the clothes I make are replaceable so I shouldn’t be afraid of her messing them up.  She said that she was only upset if I messed up clothes that she bought me.  When I was young, money was usually pretty tight so she sewed to save money.  For me to get a store-bought outfit was a splurge so I get that.  I guess I’ve been looking at it backwards.

So…Thursday she wore her new monkey dress to school!  She was so excited to go in and show her teachers and the other ladies at her school her new dress.  The cutest thing was, she told them that “Mommy made it!”


(Ugh, the dreaded toddler “cheese” face)

Amazingly, she kept it very clean.  I was SO surprised to pick her up and see it still white and not covered in paint or marker or spaghetti sauce (which is very typical).


Today she wore a cute little floral top and brown skirt and came home clean again.  I’m starting to think that when her teachers see that she’s wearing nicer clothes that I’ve either made or spent money on, they try to make sure that she stays neater.  I’m going to see how this plays out.  Aidan definitely enjoys wearing her cute little dresses!

* The title comes from my favorite “Got Milk?” commercial EVER!  Anyone remember it?