Today is a teacher in-service day and as a reward for finishing my 4 weeks, my cooperating teacher gave me the day off.  Wow, a whole day on my own with no kids or appoinments or anything…what’s a girl to do?  Get sick.  Ugh.  No fair.  I started feeling nauseous last night, tried going to bed early but the time change has Aidan all thrown off so she was up and ready to watch her new favorite show, “Little Einsteins”.  So, we stayed up till about 9 watching that and then of course, she wanted to sleep with me.  And, like mother like daughter, since she has a big ol’ bed to sleep in, she has to sleep smackdab in the middle, leaving poor puny mommy about a foot to sleep in.  No fun.  I slept fitfully, up and down to go to the bathroom or to try to carve out a little more space for myself. 

Aidan’s now at day care and the cat and I have been lolling about, being utterly lazy.  I did extract a tick from her head…ewwwww!  That was disgusting.  I sure wish I had more energy to be out and about enjoying my day of freedom.  At least if I feel poorly tomorrow, I won’t be doing anything but observing.  Thank goodness.  

I suppose I should be thankful that I didn’t have to use my last day of absences (I only get 3) but I’d much rather have been healthy than feeling like crap today.