I’m watching the finale right now…

HATE everything of Jillian’s.  She bores me.

I wasn’t all that fond of Rami’s more casual items but I adore his formal wear, particularly that gold dress.

 Christian, as much as I love him…I’m not really digging his look.  It all sort of looks the same, black, belted, flounce, skinny pant.    I like the 2 tone shorter dress.  As a fan of feathers I am totally digging the long dres with the feathers all over the top.  I like that.  🙂  He’s so cute…love his pose at the end. 

We shall see who wins.  I hope not Jillian.  She irritates me.  Somewhere someone called her a robot and that’s totally what she sounds like.  It’s like she went to a diction coach to get rid of her Lawn Guyland accent and this is what she wound up with.  Ugh, she bugs me.

 We shall see!