I’m feeling restless, anxious, can’t really figure out why.  It could be that it’s the beginning of spring and I tend to get a touch of wanderlust at this time.  Back home in Texas, Ryan and I would take off at this time of year to go up into Central Texas to see the bluebonnets, stay at our favorite B&B, and take in an Aggie baseball game.  I can’t really do that here.

Enjoying our room at the B&B (April 2003, shortly after we got engaged)

My sweet Ryan, relaxing

Sitting in the springtime sun, rocking and having a bit of wine, cheese and strawberries

I was trying to be artistic here…

Ryan’s turn at being artistic, me in the bluebonnets

My favorite flower, the Texas Bluebonnet

Me in a roadside patch of bluebonnets on HWY 290, just outside of Brenham, TX

I’ve been hopping from one activity to another, feeling unable to focus for long (not at all the norm for me).  My plan was to pick Aidan up today to go eat and then wander around at a local outdoor shopping area but by the time we got to the restaurant I lost interest in wandering around and only went to the bookstore.  I started working on the binding for Aidan’s quilt but only got as far as cutting before I lost focus again.  Someone tell me what’s wrong and how I can fix it.  I’m going nuts here.