Yazmin at A Pretty Rock tagged me so here I go… 

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7.  I am incredibly lazy and hate housework of any kind. Dust is my friend. And as much as I love crawling into a freshly made bed at night I seem incapable of making it myself unless I have just washed the sheets. (Stole this one from Ingrid here).

6.  I love mixing peanut butter and maple syrup.  I mix it up really well in a bowl and either eat it on bread or straight out of the bowl.  Can’t do this too often, it’s too high in calories!

5.  One of my favorite hobbies is to try new ethnic foods.  I’ll try pretty much any food once.  There’s very little that I dislike except cucumber, can’t stand it, won’t eat it.

4.  Ryan and I met online and wrote long emails and had all-night chats for 2 months until we met in person.  My brother says I’m the only person he knows that had to move to North Dakota in order to meet an Aggie.  Ryan and I went to the same college, had mutual friends, I hung out outside his dorm with my friends our freshman year, even had a class together but never, ever met…it’s very You’ve Got Mail.  Actually, until we got married we didn’t have a song, we had a movie, You’ve Got Mail.  (FYI: Our songs are Crazy by Pat Green which was our first dance song; and Forever and For Always by Shania Twain which wasn’t out when we got married).

3.  I joined the Army National Guard the summer after my freshman year in college.  I didn’t finish.  I was described as “not completing the soldierization process” and separated about 6 weeks in.  My drill sergeants told me that I was the only person they ever saw who walked in combat boots like I was wearing high heels.  I thanked them.  I think it was good preparation for being an Army Wife.  Ya know that and being able to take apart an M-16 and don a pro-mask (Army lingo for gas mask) in less than 10 seconds.

2.  I have a brain for trivia.  I tend to absorb most things I read and can repeat a great deal of what I hear verbatim.  I ADORE playing Trivial Pursuit and consistently win…most people won’t play with me anymore, including Ryan who will only be on my team if we play.  Neither of us like to lose.

1.  I’ve worn my retainer everyday since I got my braces off the summer after my sophomore year.  I even had my retainer on when I gave birth to Aidan (I recently got (jokingly) made fun of for this).  I quit wearing it for about a month and a tooth shifted out of place as a result so now I am wearing it 24-7 to move that tooth back.  I figure that I spent a long time in braces to get a nice smile, not wearing my retainer would be like throwing that away.  Yes, I’m fully aware I’m a dork.  I’ve even dug it out of a trash can (and then promptly sanitized it) on a college roadtrip through Oklahoma.

I have no idea who to tag because so many people have done this.  So, do it if you want, let me know if you do.