These have been some seriously crappy last 2 weeks.  My kids at school are rotten (although they’re getting better, either that or I’m getting better at dealing with them), a gas station stole my money*, Aidan is being a toot, both at home and at school, my dentist made an adjustment to my retainer and it’s killing me (feels like I have braces again) and I’ve COMPLETELY fallen off the weight loss/work out wagon.  On top of it all, I missed a phone call from Ryan and I haven’t spoken to him since Christmas.  I need a hug and a margarita or 2.

* I forgot my credit card and cell phone today when I went to school.  I stopped at a gas station to get a little bit of gas with what cash I had on me to make it back to my house so I could get my card and finish filling up.  When I pulled up I noticed that my pump had previously pumped $4 worth.  I went in, paid my money ($4 in change, a very ominous coincidence) and came back out.  It wouldn’t pump so I went back in and told them that it wouldn’t pump.  They told me that it was because I’d already put the gas in.  Um, no?  I haven’t put any gas in yet.  One of the clerks came outside with me to look and saw that $4 had already been put in.  I told her that was already on there when I pulled up.  I hadn’t put a drop in my car, it wouldn’t ever let me pump.  She goes and gets this old guy who she said was her manager and he basically accused me of being a liar and trying to steal gas.  W.T.F??????  If I were trying to steal gas, I’d steal a heckuva lot more than 4 freakin’ dollar’s worth!  I was SO pissed!  I was yelling, and I never yell at total strangers.  Apparently the whole experience just pushed me over my limit and I lost it.  I prayed the whole way back home to get my card that I’d make it and not run out of gas on the freeway.  I had no phone, no cash (the idiots at the station took it from me) and no idea what I’d do if I ran out of gas.  Luckily I made it and was able to fill up (for 10 cents less than the crappy station…ha ha!)  I had a big ol’ cry the whole way back home and am still feeling kinda weepy.