I had plans today of getting some sewing done.  It’s raining, Aidan went to bed early and I’m in a sewing kind of mood.  I cut out a skirt for myself and had an Easter themed sundress for Aidan to hem.  Apparently the universe had other ideas. 

The skirt has 3 major pieces, 2 for the back and 1 for the front.  The fabric is striped with a bit of stretch and I planned to cut all of the big skirt pieces on the bias.  I accidentally cut 1 of the back pieces on the grain and I don’t have enough fabric to cut another one.  So freakin’ frustrating!  So I had to set that aside until I can go back to Hancock fabrics to get yet another yard of the fabric (yeah, this’ll be the 3rd time…5 freakin’ yards to make 1 skirt.)

I decided that since I couldn’t work on the skirt, I’d finish up Aidan’s little dress.  For some reason this dress has been giving me fits and I’m not totally sure why.  I used my tried and true Children’s Corner pattern that has always been super easy for me to put together.  The fabric is kinda thin and slippy even though it’s 100% cotton.  I’ve tried hemming this dress 3 separate times and each time I’ve had issues with the lining coming out longer than the outer dress even though they start out the same length.  I also had issues with puckering and wrinkling.  I decided to try hemming it again and finally got it done.  I guess I got cocky because I decided I’d go ahead and pick out some buttons and sew up some button holes.  Ugh, bad idea.  I should’ve just paid the money and had my favorite sewing shop do them for me.  Those buttonholes got all kinds of jacked up.  Currently the dress is sitting in the garbage can because I got so irritated with it.  Maybe I’ll fish it out, maybe it’ll stay there.  I’m definitely not lacking fabric or patterns to start another outfit for Aidan or myself.  🙂  I kinda wanted to finally finish Aidan’s quilt…it still needs its binding but now I’m afraid to!  Who knows what the universe’ll do to it!?!?

Anyone ever had a day like this?  You want to sew or craft and just about everything tells you to do otherwise?  I guess I should just go ahead and finish grading these stinkin’ papers that I’ve been avoiding all weekend.