I need purple and white polka-dotted woven cotton fabric.  Gotta have it, no 2 ways about it.  You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to find wouldn’t you?  Nope, not a lick of it to be found at any of the 3 fabric stores here.  I’m making a first birthday dress for my best friend Maria’s baby, Mia.  It’s going to be a lavender lined-pique A-line dress with a brown band along the bottom and a cupcake appliqued on the front with 1 candle and monogramming.  The bottom of the cupcake will be brown and the top will be purple and white polka-dotted fabric.  You know, that fabric that I can’t find any of.  I have to get it done before I go to New Orleans in April when I’ll see Maria to give it to her.  I also have to have it done in plenty of time to get it monogrammed.

Here’s the conundrum: I gave up online shopping for Lent.  The whole point of giving someting up for Lent is to sacrifice like Christ sacrificed for us.  So, what I’m wondering is, if what I’m buying online isn’t for me, can it be OK?  I REALLY need it and CANNOT find it anywhere but online.  I sound like I’m justifying an online purchase, huh?  Any opinions one way or another?