Yay!  The scale finally moved!  The past few weeks I’ve been stuck so it was so good to finally see it go down again.  I’ve lost 12 pounds total in 5 weeks (6.86%).  WOO HOO!

I did a little research and learned that my metabolism had probably slowed as a response to eating fewer calories than I was originally used to.  Several sources I found said to eat off plan for 1 day to “jolt” my metabolism into working.  So, Sunday I had a Whopper with cheese, fries and a Dr Pepper.  It was so freakin’ good I could barely stand myself.  Evidently it worked.  I don’t plan on doing it again unless I hit the wall again and spend 2 or more weeks at the same weight.

Starting Weight: 175

Week 1:  170 (2.86%)

Week 2:  167 (1.76%)

Week 3: 166 (.6%)

Week 4: 166 (0%)

Week 5: 163 (1.81%)

Original goal: 157.5 by 2/3

Revised goal: 157.5 by 3/1

I’m going to New Orleans in April with my girlfriends and I really want to weigh 150 by then.  So beyond my 10% goal which I revised to March 1, I’m setting a goal of 150 by April 11.  Sound doable?

I started with my trainer on Tuesday.  She’s so sweet and awesome and I’m learning a lot.  I am still sore, particularly in my legs.  I go again today and every Tuesday and Thursday for a month to develop a strength training routine to go along with the cardio I’ve already been doing.  I was out sick yesterday with a stomach bug and am still home today feeling achy and still kinda stomach-aware but I think I’ll be able to tough out the workout.