Aidan and I tend to have better weekends if we don’t spend them stuck in the house so I decided we’d go over to Opelika to my favorite antique shop/flea market, Angel’s Antiques.  I tend to have really good luck finding fun little treasures there.  It’s near some family of Ryan’s so I bribed Aidan by telling her if she sat in the cart like a big girl, I’d take her to go see “Abo & Deet”, her aunt & uncle in Opelika.  It totally worked so Mommy got to do a little shopping!

Vintage linen teatowel


Apron with Swedish(?) sayings on it

Love this saying…

I don’t know, was fa kuch with you?

Vintage fabric


Set of 6 adorable placemats


Butterfly detail

Vintage pique fabric


Book for Aidan…about halfway through the shop, she got a little fussy

Vintage children’s book, half of it was this book, the other is the book below…

Cover detail

Beautiful quote from first page

Isn’t this beautiful?

Blue Star Banner (I have one of these but instead of being embroidered, it’s silkscreened and is faded as it hangs in my window)

Detail of the star

Many, many vintage buttons

My favorite

Springy smocked dress for Aidan ($12!)

Detail of smocking

Another vintage apron…can you tell I was feelin’ folky?  I didn’t notice how much folkart type items I got until I started this post.

Basket of fish anyone?


Vintage table cloth (it’s more pink than peach)

Summery teatowel…I’m thinking of ideas to use this in an outfit for Aidan, it’s so fun and summery!


I’m a Texas girl, what can I say?  I like stars?  This one will go in our room as the blue (yes it’s blue, not green) matches well.

I bought this mostly to see how it’s made…isn’t it a cute little Valentine ornament?


I’m pretty proud of my haul!  Now to put it all away!